I've advised a wide range of statutory, voluntary, educational and professional bodies on press, publicity, publications and communications. My experience working for national newspapers, combined with my knowledge of health and social services, make me well placed to do so.

I hope I provide organisations with a unique perspective. I know what gets publicity, what gets things noticed, and what helps people absorb messages. But, because of my broad background, I'm also sympathetic to some of the difficulties organisations face. I help them find ways to communicate which suits them on all fronts. Sometimes this involves taking a different angle on a problem. 

I've also conducted communications and media training for many organisations, including ESMO patient advocates, Greenpeace, the College of Social Work and the London Deanery for medical training.

Recently I conducted a complete communications review, rebranding and website development for the organisation London Gypsies and Travellers. I've conducted similar work for the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.

Have a look at the London Gypsies and Travellers website.